The Geoscience Paper of the Future Initiative

Special Issue on “Geoscience Papers of the Future”

Call for Papers

Earth and Space Science

Geoscience Papers of the Future are the subject of a Special Issue of the AGU's new Earth and Space Science journal.

The call for papers for the Special Issue can be found here.

We are happy to announce the launching of another special issue:

Accepted Papers

Several articles have been accepted to the special issue, they are exemplars of how to follow best practices in different geosciences disciplines. We highlight a few here:

Review Criteria

In addition to the review criteria used by Earth and Space Science reviewers, the reviewers of this special issue we suggest that they be asked to provide feedback on the following criteria:

Note that some papers will have good reasons for limiting the information provided (e.g. the data is from third parties and not openly available, etc), and in that case the papers would document those reasons.


Submissions will be in two categories:

where a publication unit is either 500 words of text, or a table, or a figure.

Detailed instructions for authors and publication fees and length guidelines can be found in the journal web site.

Submission Timeline

Submissions open: July 1, 2015
Submissions closed: January 1, 2016 Extended to October 31, 2016


Frequently asked questions by potential authors are answered here.